Fry Surveying, Inc. regularly provides the following services in the preparation of  subdivision and land development projects:

Boundary and Topographical surveying including but not limited to Alta surveys, As-built surveys, etc. using electronic data collection. Equipment used for data collection includes robotic instruments and GPS receivers.

Construction stakeout including residential and commercial developments.

Site design including:

Permitting to the following government agencies:


The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection:
Sewer Planning Modules for sites ranging in size from a single         family dwelling with an on-site system, to commercial sites                 connecting to public sewers. 

       a) Major Earth Disturbance Permits (NPDES) for site                                 disturbances.

       b) General permit application preparation (We have                                   prepared general permits for temporary utility crossings                       of wetland areas, and for direct storm water discharges                         into waters of the Commonwealth).

We at Fry Surveying, Incorporated have over the last 26 years made our living doing subdivision and land development work in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Over the course of time, we have had experience in many different aspects of the land planning business. We take great pride in the fact that we are a full service firm, offering our client a complete job from field survey, to final plan, to construction stake-out.

Fry Surveying, Inc. est. 1984